The long room at the front of the house seduced Laurence instantly. Four deep panelled windows with stone transoms and mullions and a lose yourself inside fireplace makes for an architecturally very sophisticated space. To create a real sense of rhythm and to make a home for Laurence's huge library, MDF shelves (yes, there will always be a home for MDF at Poshington Manor) were built the length of the room. So that symmetry could be achieved, Laurence got Baz the carpenter to create an entirely concealed door to get over the fact the downstairs loo was right in the middle of the bookshelves. Covered in resin cast book spines, no-one knows it's there. For the room, Laurence drew a special new design for wallpaper in rich chocolate and coral which was also used over the bookcases including the cornice Laurence designed with this in mind. On the floor, his Rococo pattern carpet was bordered in a plain colour woven to match the wallpaper.

Sofas made to Laurence's drawings by Andrew Reeves and curtains by Fabric Mills create an immediate sense of cosy welcome that stops the Great Room feeling too clubby or masculine. 17th century doors found on site were converted (without harming them) into tables and the old bronze finish of the modern radiators contrasts with the brighter copper of the specially commissioned lampshades created to stand on some shelves. Hand made coral tiebacks made for Laurence by The Original Book Works in Cirencester create an amusing focus that continues the coral theme started by the brown silk cushions from Dubai and continues in the coral style accessories from Barbados. Just visible on the staircase are wall lights created from stag antlers that are designed as a bit of an in-joke about grand country houses. When the fire is lit and the ice is melting in the gin and tonic, the Great Room is a perfect place to chat with visitors, read the Sunday papers or nod off with a spaniel on your chest.

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The curvaceous 'Rococco' carpet was also designed by Laurence and forms part of his current collection with Brintons. It was then bordered in a moleskin brown which was then carried on up the stairs to the top floor – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Jib Door

Laurence cheekily concealed a 'secret' door in the bespoke bookcases made for the Great Room which leads to a downstairs wc and utility area. The jib door constructed by Kent Construction was then wallpaper to match the rest of the bookcase and then clad in fake book fronts by the Original Bookworks a local company to create a completely secret entrance for which Laurence can appear from – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Curtains, sofa's & coral tie-backs

The beautiful floor length curtains were made and fitted by local company Fabric Mills as well as the construction and upholstery of the two moleskin sofa's. The bespoke coral tie-backs were created and made to Laurence's sketch by another local company, the Original Bookworks – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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The copper finish lampbase's were also made bespoke from an initial design sketched by Laurence. And created by Jack Russell at his local workshop – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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