The two rooms that Laurence had his eye on as potential areas were particularly unloved and underused. Despite being divided by an old wall, they always felt as if they had once been incorporated into the same space so the design to knock through was obvious but this was a very sensitive option as far as the planning and conservation departments at the local council were concerned. So Laurence suggested creating a large framed opening which could be panelled like other door cases in the house. The minute a hole was made, the sense of space felt so much more glamorous.

At the far end a raised platform was conceived to take a free standing slipper bath. Putting a heavy cast iron bath in the middle of the room can be a real structural nightmare but a platform can conceal weight bearing beams for added support as well as the plumbing. So there were no taps to spoil the line, an electronic Eco Logic plumbing system guarantees water of the right temperature at the press of a button with no waste or fuss.

Answering the bath platform, the bed was put on a stage and enclosed within black chiffon curtains. The overall scheme of black and oyster gold hints at the room's inspiration in the black and white Hitchcock classic Rebecca starring Laurence Olivier. The scheme is unified by the riotous profusion of curlicues and curvy lines that crop up in the furnishing and even as part of the furniture. The wallpaper, Chantilly, with its repeating motif of swans, hearts and peacock feathers printed in lacquer black has a special significance to the LLBs and mingles their personal symbols in one pattern. The Manoir carpet bordered in black was designed for the room.

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Eco-Logic System

A new, green, fuss free electronic plumbing system was installed by Eco-Logic which guarantees water at the touch of a button at whatever pre-programmed temperature you require. It also fills to a pre-determined level so that there is no waste or possibility of over-flowing accidents – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Heritage hand painted bath

The free standing, elegant slipper bath was supplied by Heritage and of course then uniquely hand painted by Laurence over a long weekend. It incorporates a special JLB monogram in the centre personalising the bathroom centrepiece just for Jackie – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Venus Loo

The elegant and understated toilet is part of Laurence's 'Venus' collection with Rak Ceramics – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Frame above bed

Laurence designed the whole bed area to be raised on a platform and encased within a black chiffon curtain which hangs behind and around the sides of the bed. This visually frames the whole raised platform to highlight what is the showpiece of the master suite – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Carpet and curtains

The black and white 'Manior' carpet was also designed by Laurence himself especially for Jackie's and his new master bedroom suite it was then bordered in black for even more dramatic effect. The new carpet design forms part of Laurence's collection for Brintons. The beautiful curtains featured in this room as well as throughout the house were made and fitted by local company Fabric Mills – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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