Married Quarters is where the LLB's grandest guests stay. Overlooking the garden, right down the central access of the hazelnut all 'Egrave', the sense of being at the heart of a heavenly garden is heightened by Laurence's continuous mural. Follies, birds, topiary and cool running water encircle the room allowing visitors to meander through an ideal countryside without leaving their bed.

The curtains and bedspread rely for their effect on the digitally printed fabric that reproduces from 18th century French tapestry. Laurence always has been very much at home with the idea of using contemporary technology and technical innovations to rich effect.

In the Front Hall what looks like ancient gnarled panelling as old as Moses or at least as old as the house is, in fact, entirely made from chemical polymers and is no more than a handful of weeks old. Cast in moulds taken from original panelled examples of pieces are quite simply stuck to the wall. They can be stained and varnished but Laurence decided to paint them crisp new white.

The Granary, named after Granny, slots in just where the kitchen used to be and is entirely designed to be accessible and easy to use for Granny's needs. The Eco Logic hot water system in the en-suite bathroom ensures there can't be any hot water accidents and the Napoleonic fruitwood bed gives perfect leverage for Granny to get herself up in the morning.

In Jackie's study, her collection of modern figurative art acts as a background to the contemporary shapes of the comfortable furniture. Almost in the heart of her beloved flower beds, this light, bright room always lifts the spirits


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Front Hall Panelling

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Married Quarters Mural

Married quarters was created for Jackie and Laurence's grandest of guests. The beautiful room has one of the best views of the garden and this sense of being in the heart of a breathtaking landscape is accentuated by Laurence's creation of a continuous, hand painted mural with various follies, birds, topiary, everlasting memories and snapshots of Laurence's travels. Allowing guests to meander through a perfect countryside without even leaving the room.

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The Granary

The 'Granary' which was amazingly created from the tiny outdated kitchen that existed in this space when Jackie, Laurence and family first moved in is now unrecognisable. Laurence used a deep red and stone colourway of 'Cotswold'. One of the new wallpapers in the Graham & Brown LLB Definitive collection which proves a great example of how to use a large patterned paper in a relatively small space. This room is predominately to be used by Jackie's mother so the Eco-logic hot water system was installed in the en-suite bathroom to avoid any hot water accidents and create an easy to use tap arrangement – all details in contacts & bio's section.

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Stag Antlers

The Stag antler lights were designed as a bespoke project by Laurence and created by a local company called the Original Bookworks –
Details in contacts & bio's section.

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