Mid-life crisis?  A serious case of the grass is always greener on the other side?  A childhood obsession with The Good Life perhaps, or as Jackie so succinctly puts it, "surely it’s a bit vulgar to be 40 and still living in town".

Yes, whatever the reason, the Cotswolds now has a new set of noisy neighbours bearing down on the sleepy village of Poshington with a convoy of vans filled to the brim with Llewelyn-Bowen bits and bobs. Poshington Manor has new residents with makeover on their minds.  Dark, unloved and forgotten, this 17th century manor house really doesn't stand a chance against the torrent of ideas Laurence wants to unleash.  Despite being Grade II listed and designated as a structure of considerable local historical interest, there's no stopping a Llewelyn-Bowen when there are colours to be chosen, wallpapers to be drawn, fabrics to be woven and carpets to be laid.  What's obvious is that anything obvious won't be finding itself on the walls of the manor.

So with Laurence up to his elbows in big bleeding chunks of design, it's down to Jackie, the children Cecile and Hermione, the dogs and Jackie's PA Donna to try and assimilate into Cotswold life.

Having lived a sedate, suburban existence in Greenwich, South East London, how will Gloucestershire compare?  And as for dreams of owning land and enough bedrooms to lose a visiting rugby team in, what's the reality of having sole responsibility for the maintenance of quite so many windows and quite such an acreage of leaky roof?

As relations begin with Poshington village, it's obvious that the LLB's easygoing, laid back charm is seducing the majority of the locals.  And as far as the village hall committee are concerned, they're delighted to at last have on tap a celebrity they can call upon to cut all the local ribbons.  In a county where celebs are more common than hedgerows (Kate Moss, Elizabeth Hurley, Anne Robinson, Richard Hammond, Emma Samms, Dom Joly, Jeremy Clarkson and Pam Ayres to name but a gaggle) at last Poshington's got its own local freakshow.

So the crates are delivered, the family unpacked, the house is occupied and the spaniels have already christened the stair carpet – but are the Llewelyn-Bowens really To The Manor Born?

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